El-Hadji Diouf escapes parking fine in his ridiculous ‘car’

Posted by - October 13, 2009 - Blackburn Rovers, Football videos

Blackburn star parks his truck where he likes

El-Hadji Diouf enjoyed his lunch at a Manchester restaurant and also took advantage of convenient parking facilities by ditching his gold-plated gas guzzler in a loading only bay. But the Blackburn forward avoid a parking ticket (presumably because the vehicle is so inconspicuous that the traffic wardens missed it).

He then hit the road, pausing only for some sort of strange cigarette exchange between his driver and a pedestrian.

Thanks to Tom Commins for sending us this.

  • Adam

    Why blank the number plate? If you see that car your gonna know who’s it is!

  • Efreeti

    Sort of mafia/gangsta style…

  • rocky

    It shows the contemp that these people have who think they are above the law when at BWFC i was tod he drove his car arround middlebrook when banned and parked in disabled bays although I did not see it myself!

  • Lfc4life

    I heard he stole a lollipop from a 7yr old girl!
    I wasnt there so cant be sure….
    If found guilty i reckon they would bring back the death penalty

    seems like alot Hate( racial) and now jealousy…. What next you freaks!

  • http://www.whatmichaelsays.com Michael

    By the looks of it, he doesn’t have a tax disc either. 🙂