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Gareth Barry’s homecoming welcome at Aston Villa

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  • London Blue

    It’s funny the difference between the way the Villa faithful showed their respect to Barry, a player who had given their club 12 years service and helped put them where they are today, and the way the City fans dealt with Richard Dunne who quite frankly was always good at putting it in the back of the City net even when he was captain…! Different class I think..different class..! Move over top four…BLUE MOON RISING

  • Heavyriffs

    Shane Wright Phillips left us for Chelsea, we applauded him every time he came back and played at our ground. Dunnie monster got a similarly warm reception last night, some players just want to move on, shame the fans can’t eh…

  • venu

    That’s probably cos one wanker left for the money while the other was “honorably discharged”. City fans were embarrassed not classy..

  • Heavyriffs

    Hang on, we applauded SWP on his return to our ground whilst playing for Chelsea, cos he left for money? Or are you eluding to Barry, either way your comment holds no water…

  • Steve

    Shut up you righteous mancs, the Barry departure is well discussed and everyone knows the reason why he left. If he went to a Champions league team as he said he wanted to, he would have had a good reception (SWP to Chelsea)
    Melberg got a great send off from Villa fans so stop setting yourselves to be something special.
    I am sure in your heart of hearts that you do not want a team of mercenaries.

  • George Kane

    Villa fans = Also Rans
    City fans were a class above you & you know it.
    Plain & simple.

  • George Kane

    Anyway – a steal @ £12m thanks for looking after him until he’s reached his peak
    & is now going to win something.

    MCFC x

  • Heavyriffs

    He said that 12 months, but the move to Liverpool fell through. 12 months on, we sold the club vision to him, other players came in and we’re destined for greatness, chew on it.

  • Heavyriffs

    No doubt in your deluded mind, Barry has taken a step down and Dunne a step up too, enjoy 7th or 8th…

  • Blewmoon48

    Aston Villa fans should be ashamed. Gareth Barry has been a great servant for you in over 400 matches spread over 12 years. No matter how or why he left should take away from what he has given to you. He deserves a great deal more respect and thanks than he got. Hang your heads Villa fans.

  • Steve

    Sold the vision is the correct term – sold your soul as well! Barry is 29 now, realistically it will be 2 years before he can play champions league and by then he would have been replaced with a younger faster model.
    Barry will not get any better – he will be great for you but the point is you set yourselves up to be something you are not but the only real sound you create is the same arrogance as your big big neighbours. What ever you win you know it will never really compare to the way united have won things

  • Heavyriffs

    Barry doesn’t need to get better, he’s already great! Who’s to say he hasn’t got another 5 or 6 years in him at least, or are you Mystic Meg?
    United spent money (how many 15M+ players over the years), Chelsea spend money, Liverpool spend money, so are we not allowed?
    How will it not compare to how United win things, you might have to explain that one, I’m baffled?

  • Heavyriffs

    Well Steve, your silence speaks volumes, enjoy your prawn sandwich…

  • Steve

    United built a team over a number of years, the luck now seems to be if you get bought by trillonaires you can buy a team and do it in a season. Chelsea were the same and now everyone hopes they are next. I would like Villa to break into the top four because of the team O’Neil had built over the last 4 years and because of our academy. Players will then come because of the achievement not just the wages.
    This is wishful thinking I know but I think most fans think the same, Barry leaving for you is because of the frustration that he has now gone to a team that were not even contenders last year. We can’t compete with the money you have and I accept that but listening to you thinking you as fans you are better then everyone else is just crap.
    the reference to Melberg leaving was not picked up by you,I suggest you look into it rather than comment on the Barry response which was followed closely by all Villa fans for that last 18 months or so. his reasons he gave in the Birmingham Mail was insulting.

  • Heavyriffs

    Mellberg is a different matter completely, you all have an issue with Barry because he said he wanted CL football. Well he changed his mind, boo hoo, get over it…

    Sean Wright Phillips
    Steven Ireland
    Nedum Onuoha
    Vladimir Weiss
    Daniel Sturridge
    Javan Vidal

    All academy graduates that have figured us over the last 12 months, many still do, do some research…

    United bought a team over many years, apart from their golden academy era of Becks, et al. Where is there a rule that says that just because you spend £100’s of millions buying a team over 5 or 6 years, that if someone comes along and does it in 12 months, that differs?
    If we break into the top four, players will come for the achievements as well, so that blows that argument out the water too.

    We don’t think we are better most City fans are humble. But if people keep spouting gibberish(yes you Steven,) then of course we will defend our club.

    Keep serving them up to me, I’ll keep batting them back. Law of averages state you must get a point right soon…

  • manchesterblue

    Heavyriffs, have you ever been to a game at CoMS.
    SWP (shaun by the way you idiot…) never played for Chelsea at City, he made the bench once and didn’t come on. Get yer facts right (and the players name).

  • Heavyriffs

    Fuck me, I spelt his name wrong, what ever will I do….

    My point was he got a good reception, I hardly think Barry would have got that if he’d been on the bench, or otherwise!

    Been plenty of games thanks…

    Manchesterblue, it was a simple mistake, the only fucking idiot is you for jumping all over it, goon.

  • Heavyriffs

    Oh yeah, the word is “your”, not “yer”, pedantic fuck…

  • Steve

    Think you came on here claiming how righteous you are about accepting your old players back, now you think you have to come on here to defend yourselves, you don’t have to if you are happy with things. You now say Mellberg is a different matter completely – that’s my point duh! theres a good ways and bad ways to leave a club and fans of all clubs know that – Barry chose the latter – and fans can can show their disapproval in what ever collective way they see fit (as long as it is not violent racist etc)
    I am glad that you see yourself as humble fans, you more than most have had your ups and downs (and that is sincere!) So having a cheap dig on here about Villa fans reminded me of your arrogant neighbours. You mention SWP and Dunne, neither of them compare to the Barry saga ,maybe when a similar situation comes up and you behave impeccably i will come back and eat your humble pie

  • Heavyriffs

    Well to answer that one, SWP stated he wanted to stay at City, then over the summer was courted for several months by Chelsea. He then put in a transfer request and forced our hand, as we said he wasn’t for sale. He went for a big payrise and yes, CL football.
    See the similarities?

    I’m not saying we’re righteous, or better, far from it and your lot are one of my favourite teams, have followed MON since his Wycombe days.
    All I was trying to say was it would have been nice to clap the 12 years good service, rather than boo the acrimonious split…

  • RM

    To be fair, for anyone at the game last night (as I was), i thought the Barry chanting was quite tame to be fair. Yea he got booed – fairly loudly at first – but that soon died off as the game got better. Its all pantomine isnt it? Give him some stick, act as if we dont care he’s gone (when we all know we do) and hopefully try and put him off his game, which i think worked cause he was awful last night compared to the usual consistency u expect from the man. He also came towards the holte and clapped at the end of the game and 80 % clapped him back. I saw the headlines this morning and if i hadnt been there would of thought it was alot worse than it actually was. Like i said, its pantomine stuff, move on!

  • Heavyriffs

    He got booed with every touch on the TV, but he was awful and it seemed to do the trick, his first bad game to be fair…

    Of course the media will ignore him getting clapped at the end, no headlines there, the panto plays on…

  • Steve

    We could go on and on but the similarities are slightly but significantly different regarding SWP in my view.Yes it would have been great if he was clapped but he wasn’t because in my view he didn’t deserve it Villa fans know how to send people off and welcome them back – there were only a few clubs he could have gone to get that positive return from fans but I’m afraid Man City was never going to be one of them. We are proud fans that have not done much for a few years, when your captain, play maker and best player goes to, what you were then, a mid table club is a disappointment.
    To tell you the truth Heavyriff I am a nurse and is in my nature to be tolerant helpful and kind all week – I am not here to massage inflated ego’s of mega rich players.
    Enough said – good luck with the season and good luck to Barry for England, I am getting ready for our next game – Chelsea – rich bastards!!!

  • RM

    Yea it was his first bad game, i know if we had the GB that turns up to every other game we could of been in a spot of bother but got to think that it may have had an effect on him. Look, at the end of the day, Villa fans are only to aware of the contribution Barry made to us (in recent years – not the whole 12 he was there – it wasnt till MON that he developed truly into the player he is today) and we would have liked him in a claret and blue shirt this year, but things happen and players move on!
    Players leave clubs all the time and dont get booed on their return, but when its people like Barry, Tevez, Adebayor, you know its because those fans still wish they hadnt moved – he can take some comfort from that.

    Good luck Gareth Barry and Man City for the rest of the season.

  • Heavyriffs

    Fair play, I’m a copper, so we try to be tolerant, helpful and kind too, although not always portrayed that way! lol

    Good luck for the season and against Chelski, they’re ruining football if you ask me… 😉

  • CitySlickerBumLicker

    City fans – Tali-bans

    Ooh yeah we’re so great, we applaud our players when they come back to us yeahhh

    Get over yourselves, you said it yourself, you SOLD the club’s vision, i’m sure that and the ‘also, here’s £150,000 a week for you to play for us’ sold him that club’s vision too.

    You’re nowhere yet city, and you couldn’t beat us so shove a sock in it, better yet shove a sheikh’s turban in it and get him to pay all of your dole so we can get our tax money back.

    I’d rather have a spirited team of committed players making a success of themselves, than have a heartless bunch of mercenaries who will only stay on IF you actually win something

  • Heavyriffs

    Just when people were talking sense, you had to come along and spoil it….

    Randy Lerner’s(yank) money better than the Sheik’s is it?

    We never said we were anywhere, that’s you and the media, we just said we hope and plan to be, nowt wrong with aspiring.

    You could label any player that goes to a bigger club, with a better chance at silverware a mercenary. See how long that one holds water, if and when we bag some silverware.

    BumLicker’s a good name choice, you’re either licking it, or talking out of it, buffon.

  • AstonVileShite

    I take it the vile have never bought a player from a smaller club? no mercenaries in M O’nobs side

  • Doug4ever

    Man City have obviously got more class than anybody .. Just look at adebayor raking his studs in the face of an old team mate running down the full length of the pitch and nearly causing a riot .. but oh!! lets not talk about that lets criticize everybody else

  • Rob Parker

    Just to play Devil’s advocate to the City fans using SWP as a comparison, will Daniel Sturridge be given such a warm reaction when he returns?