Hamburg fight the police for their right to celebrate victory over Celtic

Posted by - October 23, 2009 - Europa League, Football videos, Germany, Scotland

That’s not how we celebrate in this country!

Players and staff from Hamburg were involved in an angry confrontation after their win at Celtic last night when stewards attempted to cut short their celebrations.

There is a bit of a chicken-and-egg debate about whether Hamburg were sitting down as part of a new German post-match celebration involving your supporters commanding you to be seated, or whether they sat down in protest when they were told to stop celebrating.

Either way Hamburg coach Bruno Labbadia was not a happy chap.

Labbadia, who must have been confident of his minty fresh breath when he was involved in a face-to-face exchange with a policeman, said (possibly via a very bad translator): “I would have wished the situation would not have happened. We had 2,500 fans with us and we were told we could not go over (to thank them).

“The police actually told us they would report us to UEFA and I feel that is showing disrespect. A fine feeling and fine touch was missing there.”

While we appreciate Hamburg’s Beastie Boys-esque approach to fighting for their right to party, OTP does have to question whether victory over Celtic merits such a celebration, let alone all this hassle.

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  • englandsnumber6

    yea i mean let them celebrate, but they did only beat Celtic, who are equivilent to a league one or at best a championship english side.

  • Terry

    German players ALWAYS celebrate with their fans after a win, especially an away win. It’s their crazy way of thanking them for spending time and money to come and support them.

  • Paul, Glasgow

    Even when their fascist supporters had been rioting and causing trouble outside the stadium?

    It was a safety issue. They could’ve sparked a pitch invasion.

  • Terry

    I wasn’t aware that any fascists had been rioting. I read that three people had been arrested and there had been trouble before the ground. I also think that the Hmaburg fans were pretty stupid carrying Rangers colours. But this looks more like a misunterstanding.

  • Guggenheim

    Some Hamburg fans were carrying Rangers colours, some Pauli fans bought tickets just to cheer on Celtic – I don’t think either of that warrants a fear of pitch invasions. The hubbub in front of the stadium was regrettable, but also well within the expectable considering the respective clubs’ affiliations and histories.

    BTW: The term ‘fascist’ is in this context best applied to the Glaswegian police, not to any of the fan groups.

  • Mark McGhee

    It was very irresponsible and unproffessional of the Hamburg manager to allow such actions by his team, and then to follow that by putting on a show, by getting into the policemans face he easily could have insighted his own fans to riot and possible get injured or worse.

  • James M

    As Mark McGhee so eloquently put it, the Hamburg manager was unprofefessional and easily could have insighteded has own fans to riot and possible get injured or worse!