How I accidentally fell for Craig Bellamy’s, erm… charms

Posted by - October 6, 2009 - Manchester City, Ranting and Raving

I don’t hate the whinging Welshman!

Watching Aston Villa’s draw with Manchester City last night provoked a bit of reaction. Along with many football followers, I’ve kept one eye on City this season. Given all of the money invested and players that have come in, big things and big performances are expected. And no one at Eastlands can boast better current form than the pantomime baddie Craig Bellamy.

Bellamy has always been something of an enigma in football: one of those players that you love if he plays for you, loathe otherwise. In the main, let’s face it, the man comes across as a bit of an plank. He continually whines, whinges and waves fingers at officials, garnering the irk of opposition players and fans. He has the demeanour of chav, the attitude of an adolescent, so what is to like about the forward?

Well, this is where the problem surfaces. For some reason I’ve started to develop a fondness for the lad. No idea why, apart from the fact that he is actually a pretty decent, exciting player. Which led me to think, who else in football have I developed a respect for despite their obvious misgivings?

Roy Keane rings a bell, especially when it was reported that he replied to a hard luck text with a “Go f*ck yourself” to Dwight Yorke, but I throw it open to the masses: which players have you ended up developing an unexplained like for?

  • Clevblue

    the “demeanour of a chav” is probably because he comes from a Cardiff council estate, which will also explain his challenges towards authority. As for being a bloody good player, well that’s pure talent.

  • DCDJ

    Like many of my friends, we’ve come to see Bellamy as being more than a total twat due to his performances on the pitch: let’s face it, pretty much any player can atone for anything by scoring goals and working hard. Furthermore, the idea that a thick-set Brit can keep Adebayor, Santa Cruz et al out of the team by putting extra effort in is nice – especially since Bellamy is a Premier League pantomime villain of epic proportions.

    Same with Nugent (on a much, much lesser scale) – always seemed he had a bad attitude, but he worked enough that he became an endearing figure at Portsmouth: now that he’s added goals to his repertoire (admittedly not now on the South coast) everyone seems to have been a closet Nuge fan. Northern boy goes home and comes good, and everyone ignores his not turning up to training, gambling his money at all hours of the day and (allegedly) punching Defoe for going to Spurs. Wait, screw that last one – I love him for that!

  • Nick

    I have to admit that I’ve been a Bellamy fan since his days at Liverpool, and I’m an ardent United lad.

    Something about practicing your golf swing on a fellow scouser and then on the pitch the next week at the Nou Camp just tickles my fancy.

  • Steve

    I have always had respect for Vinny jones. John Fashanu was getting loads of abusive for his brother being gay from the Man City fans who were singing a song about what his brother might do to him. Vinny sneaked up behind and pretended to carry the act out and shut the Kippax up. What could we say we had been mirked well and truely