Jamie O’Hara: Premier League loan shark

Posted by - October 7, 2009 - Portsmouth, Tottenham

Harry Redknapp instils his values even in players he loans out

Enterprising Portsmouth midfielder Jamie O’Hara has had fewer worries than most of his team-mates in recent days. The loanee’s pay packet is still the responsibility of Tottenham, so O’Hara was unaffected by the delay in Pompey’s wages being paid.

In fact, O’Hara spotted a potential earner in the crisis.

Hard-up team-mate Aaron Mokoena revealed: “Kevin Prince-Boateng came in before the Wolves game and said to us: ‘You guys are sitting here joking and everything, but you don’t have any money!’ Then Jamie O’Hara, who is on loan from Tottenham, said: ‘Yeah, but I’m still getting paid by Spurs so I can give you all a loan!’”

And in what sounds like a sad indictment of a career lacking silverware, the South African said: “Joking around with this team is going to be the one thing I remember the most about my whole career, especially because of our situation.

“We would get to work and forget about what was happening, forget that we haven’t been paid. It’s been really strange!”

I bet the Portsmouth reunion in 2030 is going to be a blast: ‘Ho, ho, ho. Remember the time we didn’t get paid?!’

  • Matty Dub

    Haha below the article is an advert for Debt Problems, I’ll email you the print screen…

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  • Dublin Kopite

    Reject Spurs players in acting-like-bell-ends shocker!

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    Hahaha is that quote from Mokoena genuine? I just nearly spat out my drink laughing at that!! Hilarious!

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    It’s all true, Jonathan.

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