Jimmy Bullard’s injury cure from dead man‏

Posted by - October 13, 2009 - Hull City

“I… knee… dead people.”

Jimmy Bullard’s left knee is made up of bits of a dead man, it has been revealed. The Hull City player had the ligament of a deceased male placed in his knee to aid his recovery from injury. Thanks to famed surgeon Dr Richard Steadman the Tigers midfielder is edging ever closer to a return to action.

Steadman explained: “He has been so conscientious and a pleasure to treat. He’s level with anyone I have worked with. The first time he came to me his knee had gone 90 degrees in the wrong direction. The question was if he could come back from such a bad injury and he proved he could. This time we made a new ligament and it was very successful. We took a donated ligament from a dead male.”

Always the joker, Bullard added: “I came round and the dead man’s ligament is in there. Steady has finished. I wake up slowly and my leg is already in a machine, bending. I wake up and there I was, moving my knee and from there the rehab was off.”

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Matthew-Bailey/879740166 Matthew Bailey

    It’s quite a common practice for ACL reconstructions in America. Over here in Blighty they take a bit of hamstring from the back of your leg. I’ve had it done and it was the single most painful and disruptive thing I’ve encountered. Still, you get morphine.