Mascots Fred the Red, Stamford the Lion and Monty Magpie kidnapped

Posted by - October 8, 2009 - Chelsea, Manchester United, Newcastle United

Footie mascots held captive by Special Olympians

Manchester United mascot Fred the Red’s belly has got him into all sorts of trouble. When his chippy order is snatched, the daredevil chases after his assailant. Unfortunately, for Fred he ends up bundled into the back of a white van and kidnapped. You can see the ransom video here.

In this interesting viral marketing campaign, Fred (along with Stamford the Lion and Monty Magpie) have been snatched by Great Britain’s Special Olympics team. If you want to see your cuddly half-time entertainment again, it is going to cost you!

Here are Stamford and Monty being kidnapped.