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Mean Crystal Palace players called Roman Bednar a drug dealer

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  • Chez

    on field banter that should never happen lol grow up

  • Dingle Detester

    Stop moaning Roman, You deserve any stick that you get. If you think that abuse was harsh,you should’ve heard what I was shouting at that cheat Warnock. 🙂

  • baggiegirl

    C’mon Roman u did the crime so u must expect a littlte banter on the field next time we play them don’t lower yourself to their ugly tactics they were disgraceful on the pitch


    things could be worse, roman, you could have received a £15m fine like adrian mutu!

  • lee

    Roman your living in England the banter & piss take capital of the world, if you cant deal with it dont do silly things that leave you out there to be shot at.

  • Steve

    He must still be getting high to come out with those comments