Michael Owen injured once again – a history in dodgy groins

Posted by - October 1, 2009 - Manchester United

Are you feeling groiny? Little Mickey is

During last night’s match, OTP light-heartedly tweeted that Michael Owen’s groin problems were not mentioned in the brochure. It is our, erm, sad duty to inform you this morning that they actually were. We apologise for this drop in the high journalistic standards you expect from OTP.

In fact, there is mention of Owen’s groin issues. Physio John Green ‘fesses up that Lil Mickey has felt “groiny” in the past and has had surgery. But he goes onto claim: “By following a tailor-made Strength Programme for his legs, Michael is no longer susceptible to muscle injury.”

And the final kick in the groin for his professional opinion: “In my opinion, he will play at highest level for many years – trouble free!”