Phil Brown claims he talked woman out of suicide jump on Humber Bridge

Posted by - October 2, 2009 - Hull City

Hull boss puts his massage career on hold to turn superhero, allegedly

Hull boss Phil Brown claims he and his team managed to talk a suicidal woman out of jumping off the Humber Bridge this week. The Tigers had been taken by master tactician Brown for an inspirational walk along the popular suicide spot.

Brown said: “We walked across the Humber Bridge on Wednesday and saved a girl actually.”

“She was considering her future, shall we say, but you never know whether somebody is just standing there until they jump. But there was no need to be up there unless you were a football team looking for inspiration. Maybe she must have seen us and thought ‘at least it’s not that bad’. Well for me in particular – not the players.”

So having clarified that the woman didn’t have her Football Team Looking For Inspiration Pass with her, Brown got to work on the kind of pep talk that has led Hull to two victories in their last 29 matches.

He continued: “She was claiming she was 40-plus, but she looked a lot younger I tell you. Nobody said she was going to jump. She was contemplating her future, but so was I. In the end she tootled off back to wherever she had come from. I’d sweet-talked her out of it.”

Perhaps she was singing Sloop John B as she tootled off.

  • Premier League Hull

    the girl was actually danielle lloyd and she has spit roasted the team!

  • Dublin Kopite

    If this happened, it’s highly likely the tactic Tango Man used was “could be worse, love, you could play for Hull City”… that’d put ANY depressing situation into crystal-clear perspective!

  • Louwrens

    So basically, she was standing on the bridge, maybe admiring the view, then Phil Brown started talking to her and she walked off.

  • kathmcp

    Or more likely: Phil Brown set the whole thing up to show his team how ‘inspirational’ he really is.

  • Tom

    He obviously said, if she didn’t jump, he promised not to sing ever. Even in the shower or when drunk