Rafa Benitez gets away with referee glasses gag after using Neil Warnock as his defence

Posted by - October 14, 2009 - Championship, Liverpool

This photo of Crystal Palace boss saves Rafa

Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez escaped an FA disciplinary hearing with just a warning about his future conduct after successfully presenting a picture of Crystal Palace manager Neil Warnock as his defence.

Benitez looked to be in hot water for reaching into his pocket and pulling out his glasses after being asked about referee Phil Dowd’s performance at a press conference following the Reds’ defeat to Tottenham in August.

But he successfully argued that Warnock had made a similar glasses gesture towards referee Rob Shoebridge for failing to spot Freddie Sears’ perfectly good goal against Bristol City on the same weekend and had not been charged.

The FA panel agreed. The tribunal summary said: “There is also the unexplained failure of the FA to charge another manager who made a gesture of a similar type which was objectively more serious.”

They also said the incident was intended to be humorous and had no malicious intent.

  • Mic

    I think managers should take advantage now if Rafa hasn’t been punished. I personally think he should’ve, it’s one thing not getting a penalty, it happens all the time but a perfectly good goal not being given, I imagine Warnock could get away with smacking the ref one!

  • http://beerfootyandbirds.blogspot.com/ Mark Ross

    What an ironic turn of events.

    Rafa using Warnock as his scapegoat, though Warnock is considered the ‘most disliked manager in football.’

    For a start they may have used the same gesture & both got away with it (more or less) but Warnock was arguing about a ‘legitimate’ goal not awarded (at Bristol).

    Rafa was just been a **** becauses some decisions didn’t go his way, but he knows the FA will never punish severely the likes of himself, Wenger, The Sweaty or Ancelotti etc.

    Even though Fergie was found guilty of his abuse over ref Wiley’s fitness & he ‘apologised’- but he did so by adding that he still did not feel ref’s could keep up with play, thus apologising with a BUT in it.
    A half hearted attempt at an apology in my opinion!

    We get c*rap ref’s & assistants at Selhurst about 90% of the season.

    Also Fergie is a true **** if he truly believes ref’s don’t favour his side at Old Trafford, particularly when it comes to added time…………………..then

    SEE THIS re: Man U v Man C:

  • stan howard

    warnock has a history also his offence was much worse than rafa’s as it was sarcasm not humor, a penalty is almost as good as a goal but the thing is it could theoretically cost liverpool the title whereas who gives a s–t about a useless manager and the chrystal maze or whatever they are called.

  • http://beerfootyandbirds.blogspot.com/ Mark Ross

    Stan – your comments are blinkered, uneducated, unfounded & smell of a that of a ‘fan’ of a club in the Top 6 of the Prem, who probably doesn’t see much live football.

    The issue should not be personal, not about managers but on how the footballing bodies deals with incidents.

    Warnock’s was heat of the moment and understandable, something that is meant to be considered by referee’s when carding players etc.

    Rafa’s was done in a press conference.

    It is not supposed to be personal, BUT remember this:
    I’m surprised Benitez would want to compare his actions to Warnock after saying this about the Palace manager last year:

    “We knew he was bad as a manager and prehistoric, but we didn’t know he was a person like this. I will speak to my lawyer. We don’t need to waste time with him.”

    Benitez just being his usual arrogant, self-important…errr- self.

    Benitez was like a schoolboy ‘grass’ – a 14 year old facing detention, & saying: ‘But Sir, Neil did it as well but he doesn’t have to stay after school!’