Top five Marlon King jokes

Posted by - October 29, 2009 - Hull City, Middlesbrough, Oddballs, Wigan Athletic

Featuring two courtesy of the man himself

1. “I’m just out of your league. I’m a millionaire.”
Yes, the biggest joke of all is disgraced King’s attempted chat-up line.

2. So Marlon King was jailed for failing to score at a club. Which one? Wigan, Hull, Middlesbrough?

3. Sky Sports News is reporting that a top footballer has been jailed for 18 months for groping a young woman and breaking her nose. What a coincidence… so has Marlon King!

4. Marlon King has signed a pre-contract agreement with Notts County ahead of his release from prison.

5. “I got my head down in there and worked hard. I didn’t go in with an attitude. People spoke to me on the level and I just knuckled down. If I’d gone in there with the attitude, ‘Look at me, I’m Jack-the-lad’ it would have been very different. But I didn’t. Everyone inside was supportive. I never had one problem.

“Not everyone that goes to jail is the worst criminal. Everyone makes mistakes in life… You could get into a fight with someone, hit them and they fall wrong and, that’s it, you’re on a murder charge. All from a fight. But it doesn’t mean you are the worst criminal.

“I’ve got a family now and they’re my priority. I’m blessed to be playing professional football and I like to think I’m doing things the right way now. I’ve matured, I suppose. I can’t blame anyone for what happened when I was younger but I did get in with the wrong crowd. I got into a comfort zone and didn’t realise what was happening to me. I felt I could act Jack-the-lad and do what I want. But you can’t. When you’re a footballer you’re in the public eye. A lot of people pay money to see you. They look up to you and you’ve got to act the right way.”
King assesses his life in March 2008. So if he goes in there thinking he’s ‘Jack-the-lad’, saying things like… ooh, I don’t know “I’m a millionaire” then he might have problems. Ironic.

  • Matthew Bailey

    What an awful cunt. I think we can all agree.

  • Joe

    Well I do. But I’m sure some idiot will come on and defend him.

  • paul

    deserves everything he gets ” im a millionaire ” he cant play football period, one of the reasons i dont go to games anymore is the arrogance of pricks like this who dont care who they play for as long as they get there millions in the bank account.

  • 53north

    “What a maroon…” as Bugs would say.
    Hope the bro’s take him to the showers..

  • Neil

    “Well I do. But I’m sure some idiot will come on and defend him.”
    In all fairness, if history is anything to go by, he’s quite easily defended!!!