Video: Gazza headbutts a snooker club bouncer

Posted by - October 20, 2009 - Football videos

That’s my cue to leave…

Paul Gascoigne headbutted a bouncer who ticked him off for smoking in a snooker club. The former England star was caught on CCTV thrusting his head towards bounce Paul Hindle. A row had started after Gazza was caught sparking up in the toilets after being told he couldn’t smoke in the club.

Ex-soldier Hindle said: said: “I survived Basra without a scratch, then come home to Newcastle and get beaten up by Gazza. I couldn’t believe it. It hurt like hell – I had a headache for a day.”

Police were called to the Spot White snooker club in Newcastle, but Hindle decided not to press charges. Gazza later tried to apologise by kissing the bouncer on the cheek.