Video: Inter’s Mario Balotelli has to be dragged away from penalty area to let Samuel Eto’o take it

Posted by - October 30, 2009 - Football videos, International, Italy

Moody striker would like spot-kick responsibilty

When Inter Milan’s Mario Balotelli won a penalty five minutes into their match against Palermo last night, he obviously felt that was justification for him taking it. Samuel Eto’o disagreed, pulled rank and placed the ball on the spot.

Balotelli continued to stand next to the ball demanding to take the penalty until he was pulled out of the penalty area by skipper Javier Zanetti. The youngster didn’t attempt to mask his sulk, wearing a glum face while his team-mates celebrated Eto’o’s successful spot-kick.

Balotelli later walked off the pitch claiming he was feeling unwell.

At the start of the video below, Balotelli appears to be unsettled by something and 2mins 15secs into the video he stops running and asks to be substituted.

Inter boss Jose Mourinho said: “Balotelli was a bit unwell and had a high temperature. Afterwards I think he had some kind of allergic reaction to medication and so it was best to take him off. The penalty was not a problem, the incident was over, sorted out between themselves.”

  • OmegaSupreme

    He is incredibly talented but I don’t think even Mourinho can handle his ego.

  • Joe

    I like his fake happy hug with Eto’o back at the center circle. He can obviously mask his contempt when required.