Video: Jan Molby’s legendary ‘missing’ goal is finally shown

Posted by - October 28, 2009 - Football videos, Liverpool, Manchester United

Great Danish striker aired at last

For years it has been cited as the greatest football goal you have never seen. Now those of us who weren’t at Anfield for Liverpool’s 2-1 Milk Cup win over Manchester United in November 1985 can see it. The match took place during a TV blackout, which meant the public never got to see it.

Our friends at101GG report: “The only footage of the game was recorded by a single police surveillance camera in the Anfield gantry. After the match, Jan was generously given the only copy of the game by defeated United manager Ron Atkinson, and finally the Kop legend has given LFC TV the footage for public release.”

It was a great goal, but would we still be talking about it today if it hadn’t been so difficult to track down? Probably not.

  • Mic

    Is that what the fuss was about? I was hoping for something Palermo-esque like a header from 40 yards or maybe Maradona/Messi/Ronaldinho where they actually do something out the ordinary. Best goal i’ve never seen? Bollocks.


    i fucking hate the modern liverpool side but fair play, that was class.

  • Rob

    Molby running and fighting: That was the fantastic part of it!