Video: Saudi giants Al-Hilal celebrate sponsorship deal by sending their players to kick a flaming ball about on a volcano

Posted by - October 26, 2009 - Football videos

Getting a telecom company on board could improve your team’s flame resistance

Saudi club Al-Hilal celebrated their new sponsorship deal with telecom company Mobily by holding a reality TV-meets-James Bond training camp atop a volcano.

The team plays kickabout with some very hot footballs while dodging the various life-threatening hazards introduced by coach Eric Gerets (he is lucky he had a team to put out the following weekend).

The drama only increases when Romanian star Mirel Radoi has to be rescued from what appears to be an aborted suicide attempt!

Thanks to OTP reader Fenix for the spot.

  • الرحال الاسمري

    This crescent greatest club in Asia

    , And also to the club of the century in Asia

  • Yousif

    on behind of all Alhilal fans in the world,

    I send my thanks to you for this amazing article.

    Alhilal is one of the biggest team not only in Saudi Arabia BUT in Asia and the world.

    I just took a new title “Asia’s Best Club in century”

    Viva Hilal, Hala Hilal, Forza Hilal, Ash alhilal

    Your lover,

  • al-Hilal fans

    We will love al-Hilal 4ever

  • muteb

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  • mona

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  • mowad3

    This crescent greatest club in Asia

    , And also to the club of the century in Asia

  • ahmed hamad

    I really thank you for this article and would say that we have the greatest club all over Asia . recently Al Hilal club won the title of team of the century in Asia . AL Hilal club is the most pupular team in gulf region and has the royal team title . we are so lucky to have such great team like Al hilal . Thank you a lot .

  • Adi Adi

    فشلتونا يا جحلط
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  • Ali Mishaal

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  • Hilalian

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  • ohly Hilali

    this is the best club in Asia <3
    I love it !!
    than you !

  • Canadian

    Thanks “Off The Post” for this clip… I liked it, and Al-hilal Mobily club seems to be so popular team over there and in Asia as I read from different websites..!!

  • steven


    alhilal is saudi team??

  • the heart of the ledar ~

    It is very cool

    Of films like spirited
    I liked a lot

    I hope that the club Alhelal always be in the foreground

  • A Third Party

    Al HIlal FC has a great history and background, but I think this is not all yet. The team is evolving to the next level of the game. If this team continued in this progress rate, they might compete first class teams within few years like Manchester United , Barcelona and Real Madrid and the rest of globally leading teams.

    It is good to see strong teams coming from new countries.

  • saloom1985

    steven says:
    October 27, 2009 at 11:23 am

    alhilal is saudi team??

    yes dear steven al hilal saudi team And a premier team in Asia, but that team of the century in Asia

  • MHGWL & o0_Qfo_0o

    الله يحميك يا هلالنا من عين كل حسود وحاقد

  • Sam

    That project is an amazing movie. It is a new idea and is great meaning.
    I love my favorite team Al hilal. Good luck Al hilal.

  • وش؟

    يا حليلها موبايلي تبي تنشر نفسها بأي وسيلة ما لقت الا توزع اعلاناتها على الصحف

    يعني هالحين هذا استثمار هههههههه

  • jaky

    what is wrong with saudi company it’s not nessceroy to make us to see thier league becose the saudi football it’s not for profistional player so let them make funny videos it’s thier jobs .

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