Vote: Are you going to pay to watch the Ukraine v England match?

Posted by - October 9, 2009 - England, International, Vote

Will you have Three Lions on your laptop?

So, it is the day before the match. If OTP has understood the terms and conditions correctly, you have now missed your chance to purchase the pay-per-view match at the discounted rate. If you are still planning to purchase the game please do it through this link and help your favourite football blog!

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  • Ian

    Im disgusted that the FA have allowed this to happen, every England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland game should be free to watch on terrestrial television not on sky or any other pay per view system, yes allow people to watch it online but it should be free, this is our nations sport for goodness sake….

    Cricket, Rugby and Tennis should come under the same rule too even though I don’t really watch them as much!

  • Michael


    The reality is that the situation isn’t the FA’s or the government’s to “stop”. The Ukrainian FA can sell the broadcast rights to whoever they wish and there’s little that our FA, the government or the broadcasters can do about it.

    As per the question, I won’t be watching it as I’ll be at Old Trafford for the Super League Grand Final but I doubt that I would have watched it anyway, even if it was televised. I may have done if the game had some significance but even then, I wouldn’t be losing any sleep if I missed it

  • nelig

    its a disgrace for english people to watch their national team. its like paying to vote… if we are being represented by someone, surely the affiliation should be an inalienable freedom rather than a privilege to be paid for?

  • Rob

    no chance, I’ll be watching Torres pull his groin for spain

  • Dogless

    I would have paid the fiver if I was able to, but it’s not being shown in North America, so screw ’em. I’m going to steal a stream from somewhere. I can’t imagine the quality would be much worse.

  • Vague Halfie

    Won’t be paying, will instead be grumbling about how the US match isn’t even available online. Would have to drive a few hours to catch the closest closed circuit coverage (thanks, Honduran FA!). Plus England already won the group, which I am thrilled about as an England fan as well (I pull double duty for the Yanks and the Three Lions)

  • Jill

    I’m with you guys we should be able to watch our national sport on ‘proper’ tv, not sky or anything else. It will be cricket all over again. They want to attract people to the sport, but it’s not available on ‘proper’ tv. Ridiculous.