Why Sven-Goran Eriksson’s appointment of Hans Backe is hardly surprising

Posted by - October 27, 2009 - League Two

Notts County’s new manager is predictable

Notts County have appointed Sven Goran Eriksson’s former Manchester City assistant Hans Backe as their new manager. Ex-boss Ian McParland never really stood a chance in the post, and it was only a matter of time before Eriksson took over the managerial power.

Rather than taking on the manager’s post himself, Sven has installed a puppet in the hot-seat. No doubt if the new man tries to make too many decisions by himself he will find his Hans tied behind his Backe. Ho, ho, ho!


    good punnage (sic).

  • http://thisisourcitymanchester.blogspot.com/ CiTyBlUe

    Lets hope for Notts that they dont ruin the club like they almost did with our City, our Sheikh Mansour saved us from £80 million of debt and a load of crap players Sven purchased.

    Good luck Notts, your going to need it, p.s. Sven is tactically inferior.

  • Andreas

    The only thing thats right about what you wrote is that it isn’t a surprise that Backe got the job. They have known eacother since the 80’s and Backe has mentioned that ths could be his last job. Backe was one of perhaps 4-5 names of taking over the Swedish national team, of course he wont be a puppet. Backe has the skills needed to train a PL team. But its not easy to come from a small country like Sweden and climb as a coach internationally and earn respect.

  • http://www.svenalike.co.uk DerekW

    Mmm, Sven is “predictable”?
    On his record he is acclaimed as one of Europe’s “most successful club managers” after records with Lazio etc.
    Sven is listed by TheFA as “England’s second all time most successful coach/manager”
    but statistically he is No.1 on international points won and movement up the FIFA ranks with No.2 ranking only due to Sir Alf’s “Flook” in 1966 during an otherwise lacklustre period of over a decade for England. The Official England fan organisation’s Save Our Sven campaign and the dismal performance of “the Golden generation” during Euro2008 under lesser management would appear to confirm the achievement of the Sven/Becks years?
    Sven was the author of the best season in 3 decades for MCFC which even the team going on strike on the pitch in protest against his treatment by Taksin during the last few games could hardly dent..
    “Predictable”? I’m sure that the Magpies hope so in view of Sven’s history and his acclaim by foreign press as “the greatest living football coach”! Only a few within the Brit media (and their “armchair expert” readers) appear to ignore the facts?