Damien Duff blames Adidas for Republic of Ireland’s defeat to France

Posted by - November 20, 2009 - Fulham, International, Kitman

Winger offends his own boot suppliers as he clutches at straws

Damien Duff has claimed that the Republic of Ireland’s controversial World Cup qualification play-off defeat to France was the result of a conspiracy between FIFA and Adidas. The Fulham man, who picks up £100,000 a year for wearing Adidas boots (for now at least), reckons football’s governing body was desperate to make sure France’s three stripe-clad kit was on show in South Africa.

He said: “”FIFA want the big teams in the World Cup, they want France in the World Cup, and it may sound silly but they want teams sponsored by Adidas.

“Adidas sponsor the World Cup, they sponsor France. Michel Platini has a lot of influence as well. Maybe we’d have had a better chance of going to the World Cup if it was sponsored by Umbro.”

I think that might be the sound of the last shred of Irish dignity disappearing over this incident.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Muhammad-Nadzir/1342440159 Muhammad Nadzir

    Now Adidas is involved? Ridiculous.

  • Rakis

    wow, how low of Damien Duff !! adidas is involved????

  • http://www.worldcupdatabase.com Marko

    There were significations.

    The threatening of France leaving the pitch at Belgrade when the anthem would be booed.
    The threatening of the withdrawal of points for serbia if any incidents occur in the following matches.
    The sudden seeding of teams in the playoffs.

  • John from Ireland

    He is not blaming Adidas directly he is blaming FIFA for being more interested in money than fairness. And he is right, of course FIFA want France in instead of Ireland because it makes them more money from whatever company supplies the shirts to a country of 65 million (France). The leader of FIFA is French so of course he didn’t want a replay, and if you look back to 03 or 05 I forget which year but there was a replay because of a referee error. It is 100% UNFAIR.

  • Mark Jagr

    Do people read things anymore?
    At no point is Duff claiming that Adidas is involved. He says that FIFA wanted an Adidas team in the world cup finals, and that Platini want the French team there.
    Simple, if you take the time to read, and don’t sensationalize everything.

  • Will

    Come on lads, it could be worse:

    If the USA lost to France this way, quite a few of my fellow Americans would be SURE that the terrorists are controlling FIFA.

    But I’m still torn on the replay idea.

  • Blake

    If Ireland should get a replay than shouldn’t Chelsea have had a replay against Barcelona last year in Champions League?

  • Eric

    Nah Blake cause Iniesta didnt throw the ball past Cech.

  • yeah

    of course fifa want France in South Africa. But adidas? i don’t know why he say that.
    Irishmen have a selective memory. They forgot their match agains Georgie with a ridiculous penalty for them!

  • stojkovic

    Ireland did not CHEAT to get the penalty against Georgia. Henry DID cheat.

  • jamie

    It is a very interesting situation in regards to sponsors and their influence over the game… Look at the Beckham situation!
    While United were Umbro there was no problem with him playing for them, but when they went to Adidas’ biggest rivals (Nike) Beckham suddenly moves to the second biggest club in the world at the time!
    Is it a coincidence that this club is sponsored by Adidas? Then he moves to the MLS Adidas giant… then to the Italians biggest Adidas club!
    Dont be suprised with a move to Chelsea as they are the biggest Adidas club in England…
    He has earnt millions from sponsorship.

  • Liam Byrne

    Talk about a head line that doesn’t match the facts!!

    The conspiracy within FIFA is difficult to deny, but at no stage does Duff say that Adidas are involved. The reason FIFA’s stance is untenable is highlighted by their match report didn’t even MENTION Henry’s cheating, and was later edited when they realised that it was far too blatant to leave out such a significant factor of the game.

    Anyway, the fact of the matter is that FIFA’s “Fair Play” policy is a bunch of PR rubbish, and at this stage I’m looking forward to Henry lifting the World Cup – it’ll be a fitting and appropriate end to the fiasco, and it doesn’t matter a damn because the World Cup is worthless at this stage.

    I for one won’t be watching…….and that’s thanks to FIFA’s ignorance.

  • ryan

    rob did you actually read what he said?

  • http://www.offthepost.info Rob Parker

    This still seems to be attracting a lot of attention.

    If he’s talking about a conspiracy involving FIFA’s sponsors that has to involve the sponsors, not just FIFA. He says if the World Cup was sponsored by Umbro then Ireland might be going. That’s very much involving Adidas in his accusations.

  • Ireland should be at the worldcup

    i dont think he’s wrong there. I’ve heard that the tournaments are actually “shared” by the big sports manufacturers