Football lookalikes: Nicolay Valuev and Zinedine Zidane after an allergic reaction

Posted by - November 6, 2009 - France, Lookalikes

Big brawler looks like famous headbutter

Nicolay Valuev is the 7ft 2in opponent of British heavyweight boxer David Haye this weekend. He also looks like a bloated Zinedine Zidane.

  • Talia

    Oh come on!!! This is crap! Why do you have to go and hate on Zidane? just because he’s bald?? actually this guy looks more like Fabio Cannavaro after completing another round of steroid therapy (bee sting allergies my ass). And the headbutt reference truly bites. I expect that from self righteous hacks whose only frame of reference for Zizou is that moment NOT from footy bloggers who should have more respect for the great man.

  • magician10

    I think Valuev looks like Zidane….after Zidane was horribly poisend and had acid spilled all over his face. and after he was forced to take more growing hormones than Lionel Messi and after he was blown up with air. Yeah. Then there would probably be a resemblence.

  • ahmed

    more like Carlos Tevez & Zizou’s steroid pumped love child

  • Dogless

    Some people are very defensive over Zizou, aren’t they.