Gillette does its best to disassociate itself from Thierry Henry’s handball

Posted by - November 30, 2009 - France, International, Oddballs

The Hand of Frog gets Photoshopped out

Shaving brand Gillette has tweaked its advert to avoid any suggestion that they helped Thierry Henry towards his infamous handball against the Republic of Ireland. In the advert, Henry was featured honing his ball control with the offending hand.

But in the new advert, Henry is shown minus his ball and with his naughty paw tucked in his pocket.

Gillette’s graphic designers have now set about Photoshopping in Tiger Woods’ wife to hold his golf club for him…

Spotted on The Spoiler

  • Pal

    haha spot on mate



  • Joe

    Geez, with Henry’s handball and Tiger Wood’s latest hitherto unexplained incidents, perhaps Federer should just be on there himself.

  • Pal

    haha spot on matey mate

  • Pal

    haha spot on matey mate mate

  • Chrissy Marie Rockwell

    yeah.. but these commercials in the US still need him with a football somehow. Or else people won’t know why the hell there’s a random black dude there.

    Though, I guess in the US they don’t know about hand of frog so much..

  • Joe

    Actually, it’s has been mentioned here quite a bit. There are several million Irish-Americans who are quite unhappy about it.

  • Chrissy Marie Rockwell

    Irish-Americans need to remember they’re American not Irish 😛

  • Joe

    Not quite sure what point you’re making, all I was saying was that people here are aware and do care about UEFA WC Qualifying results.

  • fantasia

    Look ref!..Not again!
    Hand balls!