Is this the dirtiest female footballer ever?

Posted by - November 7, 2009 - Football videos, Oddballs

Taking cat-fighting to a whole new level

This outrageous footage comes from the MWC Women’s Soccer Tournament match between BYU and New Mexico. BYU won the match 1-0, but the main talking point was a performance of Norman Hunter-esque aggression from New Mexico’s Elizabeth Lambert.

Lambert dished out a series of full-on assaults throughout the match, culminating with slamming someone to the ground by their ponytail. Roberto Baggio never had to put up with that!

The hardwoman escaped with a yellow card for her troubles. Watch the video and see if you can work out how.

  • Condor

    She has since been suspended indefinitely.

    Bigger question is how is a ref that bad is allowed to work a game.

  • Neil

    Maybe the ref thought that in was the 1970s and they were at Elland Road?

  • Kathryn

    This is a player that has limited skills to resort to such tactics.
    Good for New Mexico for suspending her.

  • talia

    Excuse me you holier than thou hypocrites? but did you see the Mormon chick try to stick her Latter Day hand in Lambert’s crotch before she got taken down?? and how about the other bimbo that elbowed her first?? I guess girls are only sympathetic when they are VICTIMS – poor defenseless victims that get raped and murdered but girls that show some spunk and fight back are monsters? the blatant sexism that is fueling this “controversy” is scary. People are saying she needs to be raped and needs to be taught a lesson by being sexually abused. And everyone is okay with that? wow. so much for living in the enlightened 21st century.

  • Efreeti

    Talia >>> you forgot it happened on football pitch not in dark alley, didnt you? Chit-chat about raping and stuff is nonsence. Anyway from my point of view only acceptable action was the one after opponents elbowing. Rest was just nasty. Ponytail action wasnt necessary at all and totally unprovoked.
    The worst action though was the one that one girl kick the ball to head of another from 50cm or so distance…I just cannot believe all of them survived the match 🙂

  • Neil

    i think that the real crime is women playing sports….

  • Naethyn

    Look at the ‘See also’ section of Elizabeth Lambert’s wikipedia entry, hilarious.

  • Joe

    Talia…I’m not sure how you arrive at any of your conclusions. She’s attacking other women on the field and the footage is being opined on by another woman so how is this sexism?!? I’d love for you to explain. She WILL be given a suspension although I doubt she’ll learn from it…who said she needs to be raped? That’s obviously an absurd statement if anyone in fact made it.

    Bottom line…she played a very dirty game and probably could have been sent off 2 or 3 times over. She deserves a lengthy ban and seems to be getting one.


    this started off quite funny but then turned pretty serious.

    also, why the fuck is robbie savage doing playing with american college girls anyway?

  • Ben Fawkes

    Finally got round to watching this, bloody brilliant, that bird is FILTH!

  • http://facebook veke

    Talia is mentaly ill and clearly not fit to comment on anything. Just keep taking the tablets!