John O’Shea in getting a boot deal shock!

Posted by - November 13, 2009 - Kitman, Manchester United

Man Utd utility man contractually obliged to use the word ‘cleat’

In these crazy days of superstar footballers, viral marketing and global recession, boot deals have become a thing of the past for all but the game’s most marketable elite. And when OTP thinks of marketable players John O’Shea is not one of the first that springs to mind.

But after careful consideration and due diligence (ie recognising that nobody else would give him a boot deal in a million years), O’Shea has signed a deal with Concave.

Adopting his best American accent, O’Shea said: “As a professional soccer player it is crucial that I wear a cleat that can help maximize my performance on the pitch. I believe Concave is the next big thing in soccer, the cleats are unique in design and offer exclusive technology which hasn’t been seen before. The cleats offer me increased protection and confidence, and I hope to be wearing Concave for the rest of my career.”

O’Shea trialled the boots in last weekend’s game against Chelsea. Both parties found it to be a match made in heaven. The player found they helped him to defeat at Stamford Bridge and Concave were impressed with the effect his boyish good looks could have on their brand… (see photo above).

  • Joe

    A check’s a check.

  • Usama

    New technology in the cleats? Judging by Drogba’s seizure when he got them in the chest, they might’ve put tasers in ’em.

  • Neil

    In response to the two previous comments…..

    I wont argue that a check is in fact a check. But I would argue that a CHEQUE is actually a CHEQUE.

    And as for the other comment, John O’Shea’s new boots probably had little effect on Drogba’s chest considering he was watching the action happen as Jonny Evans was the one who clattered him…. unless O’Shea had a Drogba voodoo doll and was standing on it?

    If only…..

  • Joe

    Neil…I’m American…we say check here. You can say it your way, I’ll say it mine.

  • joe prim

    Joe, you can say check/cheque anyway you like, its how you SPELL it that matters

  • Usama Waheed

    John, Jonny, same difference as check and cheque.

  • Joe

    In the US we SPELL IT CHECK.

  • dpunt

    @ Joe – Nope… In the US it’s still spelt cheque lol!

  • Usama

    Joe, I think you got checkmated. I’ll fetch my coat.

  • Joe

    I’m looking at a deposit slip FROM MY BANK…it says to list all…CHECKS…I guess they’re wrong too??

  • kev

    A cech is a cech…

  • Ziggy10

    Someone should use a spell check…

  • LesFerdinand9

    Bow to me, i am sir les

  • Joe

    Look at the first link under “Products and Services”. If you find something other than “Checking” let me know.

  • Usama Waheed

    I’m not an American or a ManUtd fan. However, Joe is a pretty reasonable Chelsea fan, so lay off the American insults on him.

  • Joe

    Usama Waheed…I appreciate the comment.

    Others…the European spelling is ‘cheque’, in the US the spelling ‘check’ is used. It’s similar to colour and color, centre and center, etc. I posted a link that shows this above. But, believe whatever you want.

    jamjam…your comment is retarded, feel free to suck it.

  • wtf

    this thread is out of control

  • Usama

    Looks like jamjam couldn’t keep his emotions in check…

  • jamjam

    joe .. ur a chelsea fan now few years ago u were probebly a real madrid fan .. , and couple more years , ull be be a man city fan .. get my point .. ? Fu*k off chelase you aint got no history ….

  • Joe

    I’m a Chelsea fan because of Gianfranco Zola. I was a fan before the billions when our big summer signing was Enrique de Lucas, when we were regularly swept by Arsenal, and got knocked out of the UEFA Cup by Viking FC. So if you’re trying to imply that I’m a fair-weather fan, I’m not. Also, if given a choice, I’d rather be around when a club makes it’s history rather than when it’s looking back at it.