Rafa Benitez feels the brunt of Darren Byfield’s divorce rage

Posted by - November 4, 2009 - League One, Liverpool, Lookalikes

Jamelia’s ex takes Twitter pop at Liverpool boss

Darren Byfield celebrated today’s news that he and pop star wife Jamelia are splitting by taking Twitter shots at Rafael Benitez.

The Walsall striker criticised the Liverpool manager for substituting Fernando Torres and called him a “silly Peter Kay lookalike”.

He also concluded that the Reds “are super shit”.


    darren fucking byfield.


    i doubt even darren fucking byfield’s mum gives a shit what he thinks about, never mind “tweets” about.

  • http://onepoundthelargeflag.blogspot.com/ Rob

    A Walsall player?
    Liverpool “Super shit”?
    Pot calling kettle black or what?

  • Atyansh

    Screw you Byfield!!
    No wonder you got divorced!!!

  • Simon

    Darren Byfield…. slateing Benitez. Lol. Byfield you shit heap I don’t know whether anyne has pointed this out but you are a poor footballer in a poor team. Fucking Twitter eh? Loser

  • Simon

    Oh, and you don’t spell of like ov. Why would you do that. It’s the same amount of letters but wrong FFS. There is no benefit apart from looking like a thick twat. I rest my case.

  • http://millers.co.uk Liam

    Perhaps you should learn to spell basic words such as “slating” before having a pop at Darren.

  • sean

    Well to be fair Mr Byfield is correct.
    Liverpool are super shit.

  • aad

    he was saying ov for have…. not of