Sepp Blatter laughs at Republic of Ireland’s request to go to the World Cup

Posted by - November 30, 2009 - Football videos, International

FIFA president further endears himself to Irish public

Sepp Blatter risked further fury from the FAI and Republic of Ireland’s supporters as he scoffed at their attempts to overturn Thierry Henry’s handball. The FIFA president burst into laughter as he told the story of how the FAI had requested to be the ’33rd team’ at next summer’s World Cup.


    sepp blatter is a cock but this request by the irish deserves to be laughed at.

  • pat

    Blatter is a fucking WANKER……Smelly Dirty French Frog eating BASTARD…….

  • OmegaSupreme

    I want the 86 world cup replaying Blatter you Nonce, cheating ain’t funny.

  • Jonzo

    Jeez, Blatter, you nob.

  • Mohamed S.

    Blatter is indeed a wanker but as focks mentioned, this request deserves to be laughed at.

  • trev

    i think sepp blatter is an ignorant man to have laughed in public at such a delicate issue regarding irelands world cup hopes.I bet he would of granted france a replay had robbie keane handled the ball which put FRANCE out in exra time,who cares about the fighting irish,heaven forbid we should have a world cup without the french.

  • Colm

    It is a pity we (Irish) have such uselss f**#wits at the FAI to even make such a request, I agree that the request does deserved to be laughed at, however blatter is a moron dipshit and lives in a fantasy world full of yes men, I wouldnt be surprised if he gets a few death threats himself, Irish people never forget. best of luck to all the players who are representing their countries, even france,most of the team probably feels the same way as the majority of the football fans around the world.

  • McKenna

    Who the fuck does he think he is. This man is so full of his own importance. He is laughing at the whole country.The players that gave it everything against the french – the supporters who pay thousands to follow their country all over the world. The only way you can hurt people like Sepp Blatter and Thierry Henry is in their pockets. At the end of the day its all they care about. If you want to get a little respect from this prick just start a campaign to boycott Fifa’s biggest sponsors and Henry’s. Lets see him laugh then.

  • McCarthy

    Its a shame that those thicks in the FAI would stoop so low and turn us into a laughing stock. Shame on that fat ignorant Swiss w*nker for handling such a delicate issue in the manner he did. Its time himself and his anal chum Platini stepped down.

  • Wacker

    Blatter really needs to step down and a big shake-up at Fifa also, ireland dont get to the world cup every 4yrs like france and others and i’ll count myself lucky if i ever will see ireland at a world cup final in my life time the way were getting seeded also (pot3 in the euro qualifiers drop 2 World ranking points 38 from 36??) how?
    You dont like UK/irish football and its progression and that will all come clear when England dnt get the 2018 World Cup,probably giving it to a swiss/french joint bid.
    Hope U have horrid time in SA blatter and with abit of luck U’ll get jack’d up.

  • Jason Eoin McCarthy

    Honestly I am embarrassed to be Irish judging by the overreaction of some Irish folk to this interview.

    Come off it, he didn’t laugh at anyone – some audience members reacted to the absurdity of the FAI’s request by tittering and then he may have acknowledged that by agreeing with their contention that it was an absurd request but that is where it ends. I’d put it down to a mannerism of Sepp’s or perhaps it’s unique Swiss to intonate like that when conveying this type of emotion?

  • Joe

    I think most people agree that Blatter is not the best. However, the request is a bit absurd, so how do you expect him to react? I thought it was a joke myself when I first heard it. I wanted the Irish at the world cup and I think they deserved to be there. But if he had granted them a 33rd place, next time around EVERYONE would be carping for a special spot. The tournament probably has a minnow or two too many already and shouldn’t be bloated any further. It’s hard luck but so it goes. If you want to blame Blatter for anything it should be that he never instituted additional officiating/goal-line technology when the need first became apparent.

  • daniel randall

    blatter’s a dick but the request was embarassing to say the least. It’s sad though to see much lesser teams than Ireland in the finals just because of geography

  • Fal

    In fairness to the FAI, they submitted the request knowing full well it would be rejected. They wanted to get it on the agenda of the FIFA meeting in Cape Town, so they would be forced to discuss the whole sordid affair. This was all meant to be kept a private matter until Blatter decided to tell a press conference.

    Not only was it wrong to mention it at all, the little snigger he had only confirms what everybody already thinks of the man.

    Check out the following article.