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Top 10 conclusions Premier League weekend 7-8 November

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  • Salty

    6. John Carew is a strong lad. Having said that, Sam Allardyce will be turning in his grave watching Bolton’s defence getting bullied.

    Why would Sam care? He’s the manager of Blackburn, not Bolton 😉

  • Joe

    8. Understand the parallel. However, United can have few complains about the somewhat weak foul that led to the goal considering they got off more than scot free on what should have been a penalty/sending off for Evans.

    3. Rooney did open up Giggs quite expertly at one point, however the Welshman’s chip/cross/shot was dreadful. However Rooney’s big cut-across-the-park-to-line-up-a-smash-on-his-right-foot move is entirely too predictable especially with the likes of Carvalho in the way.