Video: David Ngog is a diving cheat

Posted by - November 10, 2009 - Birmingham, Football videos, Liverpool

But a very effective one

Liverpool striker David Ngog saved Rafa Benitez’s blushes by cheating to win his side a penalty against Birmingham last night. Steven Gerrard converted the spot-kick to salvage a draw and avoid yet another embarrassing defeat.

The Blues were fuming, with ex-Evertonian Lee Carsley protesting that he had not made contact with Ngog. The replays show there was no contact at all.

Carsley said after the match: Carsley added: “I’m sure Ngog has got a family – well if I went home having done that I’d be embarrassed.”

How important will that dive be come the end of the season?

  • Joe

    Retrospective bans anyone? So many results are being determined by cheating. Make the bans significant, 4 or 5 games unpaid suspension. Players will stay on their feet if they’re looking at that sort of consequence.

    I’m sure the FA is concerned about the fall-out if Chelsea played Liverpool and Gerrard and Drogba were both sitting out due to such a suspension. But do nothing, and this garbage is what you can expect from now on.

  • Omar

    anyone remember the Eduardo incident? yeah, this story is already dead, isn’t the world a fair place?

  • Seh

    This is worse then the Eduardo dive (that was less obvious and not as important) because it cost Birmingham the game.

    Liverpool train for these types of situations, the kid is just learning, he’ll need a lot more training sessions with Gerrard to master the perfect dive.

  • Eli @ Eli Shares

    Liverpool and Chelsea have numbers of great divers in their team.

  • Adam Shaw