Video: Norwegian player thinks he’s Maradona

Posted by - November 10, 2009 - Football videos

Although people actually made attempts to tackle Maradona

Mads Hansen recently scored what is probably the best Norwegian Second Division goal we have ever seen. Then again, it might just be the only Norwegian Second Division goal we have ever seen.

Nonetheless, enjoy Mads’ mad dribble.

Spotted on Norwegian Football Blog

  • OmegaSupreme

    Nice defending douche-bags.

  • Luke Cairns

    Good goal
    Dull thousand word essay about how bad the defending was, to follow

  • 3050

    The defending players are actually trying to tackle him but after having playd for 1 hour on a rainy pitch they don’t have the juice in their legs to reach him. When it comes to Maradona the english defenders also try to tackle him, but are not good enough. Simply enough.

  • need2

    This goal was the winning 2-1 goal, not a 2-2 draw goal.
    His team needed to win the match NOT to get relegated, so the spectacular goal was not just a nice goal, but also a very important one for the club.

  • fernando

    the team he scored against, got promoted, and will play in the norwegian top division next season.