Video: Republic of Ireland robbed of World Cup place by Thierry Henry

Posted by - November 19, 2009 - Football videos, France, International

Offside and handball, but the goal stands

If I was Irish I would be waking up this morning a very bitter man. The Republic of Ireland had a place at next year’s World Cup snatched away from them by this horrendous piece of refereeing. Despite the fact that two players were offside, at least one very much interfering with play, and Thierry Henry controlled the ball with his hand, the goal was allowed to stand.

  • John

    Absolutely unbelievable, one of either two things. A totally incompetent ref and linesman, which brings forward the argument for Video Refs, which I think they which I think they should do. OR, a conspiracy by Fifa and Uefa to get the big countries into the world cup. Either way this stinks to high heavan. The only fair thing to do would be a replay, but we know that won’t happen, especially with a Frenchman running UEFA

  • englandsnumber6

    Perfectly good goal and not offside, Henry thought he was playing garlic football. Ha ha ha ha ha fucj you paddy cntus watch it on the TV and will you be supporting England ?

  • never_beat_da_irish

    englandsnumber6….cant wait for england to loose on penalties during the finals

  • Garreth

    “The Republic of Ireland had a place at next year’s World Cup snatched away from them”

    Not really – they had a chance of a place, they didn’t have a place snatched from them. There was still more extra time and penalties to go.

  • chris

    englandsnumber6 is a fuckin dickhead who would lick wayne rooneys balls for free go fuck steven gerrard you english cunt

  • Jerry

    englandsnumber6, you forget Portugal qualified, and so England will once more get fucked.

  • chars

    its a big shame 2 world football but dat dasn’t stop me from jubilating cos at long last ma favourite team is thru. brazil shd stand well cos threats ar on deir way. France be de best