Video: Rio Ferdinand’s drunken karaoke session with rapper Kano

Posted by - November 6, 2009 - Football videos, Manchester United

Rio rocks the mic… again

Here is Rio Ferdinand and British rapper Kano giving their version of that latter’s song Rock n Roller during a drinking session at the trendy footballer hangout that is La Tasca!


    i didn’t realise it was possible for me to hate rio ferdinand any more than i already did. looks like you showed me.

  • kathmcp

    Crist on a bike. That was such an embarassment wrapped up in a cringe fest that I couldn’t even watch the whole thing.


    for some reason i just watched it again and i swear my blood temperature rose. the sight of rio doing the “devil horns” whilst miming “i’m so rock n roll”.

    please kill me.

    roy orbinson just rock n rolled over in his grave.

    fuck rio ferdinand and fuck manyoo.

  • Ab

    No wonder his a shite defender. Can’t wait till Fergie sees this.