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Video: Top Gear presenters attend Middlesbrough match in Newcastle shirts

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  • seanyboy

    “how shit are they” we’ll see how many you bring to the city ground eh ??? 22,000 is a disgrace with 3,500 awy fans in your shiny nearly new non-atmospheric concrete bowl of seats,…….ps get yourself a decent phone for video-ing, mine was better five years ago

  • Ls

    Must have been nice for the 5 home supporters at the ground to finally have something to sing about

  • lameduck

    What a shame that the camera keeps showing all the empty seats – still, even the best CGI wouldn’t be able to mask the pi55 poor support Boro have – won’t be long before Boro & Darlo are competing for the most empty seats at a home game !!

  • Phil McThomas

    Good to see the lazy stereotypes are still in force. The media has told you Boro have terrible fans, therefore they have terrible fans.

    Population of Peterborough: 163K. Average attendance: 10K

    Population of Preston: 143K. Average attendance: 13K

    Population of Middlesbrough: 160K. Average attendance: 21K

    Population of Bristol: 550K. [2 teams] Average attendance: 14K

    Population of Sheffield: 513K [2 teams]: Average attendance: 22K

    Etc and so forth.

    But never mind the facts, eh?

    What happened was that Boro had the temerity to spend a bit of cash and make a play for improving their standing. Oh, how dare they? They filled their 34K stadium for a few seasons but couldn’t maintain it. They DID raise their average attendance from around 15K (in the 80’s) to 27-31K though.

    By anyone’s standards, that would be a good result, but no – mention Boro and you’ll get “mercinaries” and “terrible fans” from the sheep who swallow everything they read.