Video: Wayne Rooney ‘twelfth man’ incident

Posted by - November 9, 2009 - Chelsea, Football videos, Manchester United

Wazza gets a warning

Manchester United star Wayne Rooney has been warned over his future conduct after mouthing “12 men” to a TV camera following Sunday’s defeat at Chelsea.

United were unhappy with the performance of referee Martin Atkinson, and Rooney made his opinion clear to all above average lip-readers as he left the pitch.


    perhaps wayne was just responding to the cameraman’s earlier question regarding how many lovers coleen has had during their marriage?

  • James M

    Do as your manager would do.

  • Eli @ Eli Shares

    Gosh, is the FA retarded? Compare if similar cases happens to Chelsea. Drogba shouting “DISGRACE” in the face of the referee and Ballack’s protest.