Chris Evans steals another job

Posted by - December 31, 2009 - Bolton Wanderers, Oddballs

Non-Ginger Productions

Not content with nicking Terry Wogan’s job as presenter of Radio 2’s breakfast show, Chris Evans has now taken Gary Megson’s job as Bolton manager.

For someone who has constantly sought to promote being ginger for more than a decade, ousting Megson from his post was a particularly dirty trick.

But Evans claims he does not want the job permanently. He said: “I will not be applying for this job. I have no intention of being the manager of Bolton Wanderers. But equally I would like to feel I am professional enough to do the best possible job I can during the time given to me.”

Well, racing from the Radio 2 studio to training with the Trotters could be quite hectic.


    if evans took off his glasses and looked liked his pet dog had just been put down i doubt the bolton fans would notice the difference.

  • Lenny

    Why him?? Talking about football and managing football is quite different..