‘Irregular betting’ accusations over Ryan Giggs’ BBC Sports Personality of the Year win

Posted by - December 15, 2009 - Manchester United

Man Yoo star’s gong makes some people rich

Ryan Giggs’ surprise BBC Sports Personality of the Year victory might not have been such a shock to some punters. Accusations have been made that news of the 36-year-old’s win was leaked in the 20 minutes before he received the trophy after a late flurry of bets forced bookmakers to slash his odds.

The influx of flutters saw Giggs move from 3/1 outsider to the new favourite, ahead of Jenson Button. Disgruntled punters claim there was no reason for the late shift other than a leak.

But their claims have been dismissed by the BBC, which said only four people, locked together in a room, knew the result before it was announced.

And bookmakers Betfair also played down the concerns.

A spokesman said: “This was late, unexpected and significant and we are looking into it as a matter of course. But there are no real concerns at this stage.”

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  • Matty Dub

    I was watching this with my mates, and one of them who knows nothing about football mentioned after all the interviews and clips etc that he thought Giggs would win as he was so down to earth… Not to mention his amazing achievments. Maybe these punters thought the same thing.

  • dpunt

    Sorry to whoever wrote this post, but the use of Man Yoo is just immature and offensive. Look up how the Man Yoo chants started (Man yoo went on a plane and, man yoo never came back again) and then think twice. It’s not even asif writing Man Yoo is easier, it’s just as many letters as Man Utd!

  • http://onepoundthelargeflag.blogspot.com/ Rob

    His eyes are so close together that I bet he could actually use the trophy like a real camera