Nouveau cliche: “Indecision is final”

Posted by - December 14, 2009 - Nouveau cliche

Sick as a parrot and over the moon are now cliched football cliches. OTP’s new feature looks at modern day phrases that football could live without

We kick-off this new feature with an Alan Hansen special. The MOTD pundit has been rolling out his favourite ‘indecision is final’ line for years now. The first time you heard it you might have thought it was mildly witty, and maybe even allowed yourself a little nose-laugh at it.

But the effect definitely wears off over time (probably after you heard it a second time). Hansen now uses the line nearly every week. Whether Liverpool’s zonal marking system is being ineffective or Alan Shearer is struggling to pick a shirt, indecision is always final as far as Hansen is concerned.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, he also like to use it in his newspaper column!

A little more indecision in Hansen’s usage of his favourite phrase could go along way. And that’s final.

Want to nominate a football phrase that is becoming overused and gets on your nerves? Drop us a line.

  • Jim Rosental

    How about Lawenson’s constant use of the phrase ‘siege mentality’. I think every single time a team lost their manager or were on a poor run of games he’d use that one.

    Shearer probably has one but he’s so boring and useless I pretty much forget whatever he’s just said.

    Also, the way Andy Townsend clenches his left fist always irritated me, no idea why.

    I’ve also noticed that Robbie Earle looks alot more pissed off these days, I think he’s realised he’s never gonna be doing live games, just the late night highlights shows with fat boy Marcotti.

  • Shahenshah

    I swear if I hear “onion bag” again I will murder someone with onions.

  • Raph88

    all hands to the pump!

  • Joe

    “Park the bus” and pretty much anything Tommy Smyth says. When I was younger and didn’t know any better I used to like hearing him call games. But now he’s like a pork chop that spent too much time under the heat lamp.

  • Dave Macbeth

    Any England free kick within 40 yards of goal is always classed as ‘David Beckham territory.’ Give it a rest!

  • Rob Rowland

    “makes you wonder where the goals are going to come from!”