Nouveau cliche: “That’s why you have a man on the post”

Posted by - December 16, 2009 - Nouveau cliche

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There is nothing like cutting tactical analysis and this is nothing like cutting tactical analysis. Every single time a player makes a goal-line clearance from a corner along comes the accompanying knee-jerk commentary line: “That’s why you have a man on the post.”

Well, thanks, but we had sort of worked that out for ourselves over the years. When a goalkeeper makes a good save most commentators manage to avoid stating that the incident has demonstrated the precise reason why there is a bloke in a different shirt and gloves standing in front of the goal.

So why should the man on the post be any different? If a team chooses to put a defender or two on the line we generally understand their sneaky motives behind this decision and it is not for decoration.

  • Alterity

    a cliche indeed, but good advice, Gary.