South Africa plans to slaughter a cow in every World Cup stadium

Posted by - December 2, 2009 - International, Oddballs

2010 World Cup begins to sound like an abattoir

If OTP had built some shiny new World Cup stadia, the last thing we would want to do is splatter them with bovine blood. But who are we to decide what is best for South Africa 2010? It is possible that each stadium will be blessed in the “true African” way by slaughtering a cow.

The idea has been put forward by the Makhonya Royal Trust, which lobbies for African cultural activities, as a way of blessing the tournament.

Trust chairman Zolani Mkiva said: “We must have a cultural ceremony of some sort, where we are going to slaughter a beast. We sacrifice the cow for this great achievement and we call on our ancestors to bless, to grace, to ensure that all goes well.”

The South African government is thought to back the plan, but animal rights groups have written to FIFA amid concerns that the killings might not be performed in a humane manner.

No word yet on whether they would then be served up as a tasty half-time snack.