Top 10 conclusions Premier League weekend 19-20 December

Posted by - December 21, 2009 - Conclusions, Lists, Premier League

1. Santa scored twice for Man City but he only brought Mark Hughes his p45.

2. Which also leads us to conclude: don’t draw games or you’ll get sacked.

3. Manchester united need defenders desperately.

4. Liverpool took that spoof Band Aid remake a bit too seriously.

5. It looks like Carlos Tevez is holding out for some new hair straighteners for Christmas.

6. If michael carrick could defend he would be a cultured centre-back. Sadly he can’t defend.

7. Rafa needs to be careful losing games in this weather. Those sweat beads could turn to icicles.

8. If you kick a corner flag at someone, the correct etiquette is to give them your shirt after the match. (John Carew did note that the kid already had a ‘Carew shirt’ so perhaps that is his regular seat).

9. Congratulations to greedy Stephen Hunt who managed to stop his side scoring against Arsenal by diving in on the penalty rebound with a defensive challenge of which the Gunners’ back-four old would have been very proud.

10. It is good to know Premier League referees are eager to put Frank Lampard’s penalty-taking to the test ahead of next year’s World Cup following his recent miss.