Top 10 conclusions Premier League weekend 5-6 December

Posted by - December 6, 2009 - Conclusions, Lists, Premier League

1. Carlo Ancelotti’s eyebrow doesn’t like defeat.

2. It was very noble of Liverpool to ease Sam Allardyce back into work after his heart surgery by ensuring they didn’t do anything to get his pulse racing.

3. Emmanuel Adebayor scored at both ends, and they were both about as scrappy as each other.

4. Assist of the week goes to Steve Sidwell, who performed an excellent job as a ball boy against Hull.

5. But at the same time, Hull keeper Matthew Duke probably won’t be burning a DVD of this week’s Match of the Day to put in the permanent collection.

6. Darron Gibson will be the first the name on the Man Utd teamsheet if he keeps firing shots in from outside the box. Just the three this week.

7. Sir Alex Ferguson is taking attacking football to a new level. Playing two midfield playmakers in defence was genius.

8. A Jimmy Bullard knee injury is not pleasant. Hopefully it is not too serious – he deserves a bit of luck.

9. Bobby Zamora’s team-mates will probably spend this week pushing the Fulham striker towards a goal celebration that doesn’t require them to be assaulted and verbally abused.

10. Congratulations to John Carew, the only successful player of five very well paid professionals who attempted to score a goal from 12 yards out with a dead ball and only the keeper to beat this weekend.

  • Usama

    Make that six, Ronaldo missed too!

  • Usama

    Or wait, maybe you did include Ronaldo. Don’t think Dindane would fall into the ‘paid’ category, let alone ‘highly paid’!

  • Ike

    also Ronaldo isn’t in the premier league anymore, despite what commentators might have you think

  • Zekky

    Ronaldo is a muppet. Stands forlornly at the penalty spot as everyone else goes to celebrate the goal, but no its all him. Then he poses like the Hulkster on a tap in all set up by the pass. Glad he is out of the EPL.

  • Joe

    Someone please put Ballack and Deco in the back of a cab and then drive it into the channel. They are too old and slow for the EPL. Chelsea’s pace was dreadful for a good hour after they’d scored the opener (rather Adebayor did). How do Malouda and Joe Cole sit on the bench while these two relics jog around and pretend to look interested??