Unveiled: The Adidas Jabulani World Cup matchball

Posted by - December 1, 2009 - International, Kitman

It’s round

Since every World Cup produces an accompanying matchball which is supposedly “rounder” than its predecessor, you could be forgiven for thinking that footballs are now about as round as they are likely to get. Not so, according to Adidas.

They will officially unveil their Adidas Jabulani ball at Friday’s World Cup draw and are sticking to the script that they have once again re-invented the wheel.

The German manufacturer reckons the eight-panel design makes it the most spherical design yet. And they say its ‘Grip’n’Groove’ technology (whatever that means) gives “an exceptionally stable flight and perfect grip under all conditions”.

The name means to celebrate in the isiZulu language, which is spoken by 25 per cent of South Africans.

What do you reckon?

  • http://twitter.com/yousmous Yous

    It’s still just a ball

  • Preben

    You’re wrong, it’s magic!

  • Joe

    Will it also knuckle unexpectedly allowing for more ambitious attempts on goal from the halfway line?

  • Phil

    I reckon your right, either my eyes deceive me, or, I really don’t think I have ever, ever seen a ball quite as round as that, wow, what a result, adidas, what will you come up with next? Trainer shaped trainers? Short shaped shorts? Cap shaped caps, the mind boggles at the possibilities!!

  • Wacker

    id like to see Messi punt that in Sep blatter’s Fat gob from close range.


    i’m sure it’s the perfect shape for england’s players to shank it over the bar during a 1/4 final penalty shootout against portugal.

  • nonta

    ten quid the players moan its too light

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Alex-Johnson/1196091534 Alex Johnson

    10 quid the players moan its too light

  • http://non non

    Its a ball!

    How awesome!

  • http://www.eireads.com John

    Looks cool. Agree with Preben, it’s magic!

  • http://www.jabulaniball.com ChrisF

    Lol@round – it’s actuall at the upper end of the weight class (440 when range is 420-445 grams), so not sure they’ll complain about too light.
    Sure for braindamage from heading it maybe!