Video: David James – the blindfolded keeper

Posted by - December 31, 2009 - Adverts and Commercial, Football videos, Portsmouth

Portsmouth refuse to make life easy for themselves

Portsmouth (possibly Tottenham before the end of January) keeper David James has been working on his blindfolded goalkeeping. The England international added a little light bondage to his kinky afro, and comments that it: “Feels nice.”

He then gets down to business.


    maybe the whole portsmouth team should play blindfolded?

  • Cathal Breathnach

    Ah that was brilliant!

    I actually laughed out loud for the fourth one without the blindfold!


  • adam kingdon

    Linesmen to lose their flags so they can run properly and keep up with play. The linesmen to wear flourescent sleeves instead. (They are miked up.) Introduce “VIDEO APPEALS” TWO appeals per team per game. The manager is not allowed to make a “VIDEO APPEAL” whilst the ball is in his own half. He can only make a “VIDEO APPEAL” in his own half if the ball is DEAD. LINESMEN would be more PRO-ACTIVE. They would be forced to become more PRO-ACTIVE because they would be very “embarrassed to be exposed for bad decision making” by a video appeal. This would up their game, they would make more decisions and better ones, they would be forced to step up to the plate in a less passive way than that which currently exisits. They would encroach onto the pitch for Penalties. The “managers” of each team could use their “VIDEO APPEAL” at their own descretion, usually for the big decisions, a goal, offside or penalty appeal. Two appeals would take no more than one minute maybe two. THIS WOULD LEAD TO A CULTURE WHEREBY PLAYERS DON’T CHEAT BECAUSE THEY WOULD BE VERY ASHAMED AND EMBARRASSED IF CAUGHT CHEATING AND THE REF COULD TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION. Linesmen would become “assistant REFS” in the true sense of the word. VIDEO APPEALS WILL FORCE THE STANDARDS OF THE REF AND LINESMEN, UP. The culture will change, the mentality will change. We can stop cheating and incorrect decisions.

  • Simon

    Great video and great hair cut!!! Just needs a full handle bar mo to complete the look….