Cocky Liverpool advertised FA Cup fourth round tickets before Reading defeat

Posted by - January 15, 2010 - FA Cup, Liverpool

Even the Reds’ marketing team are out-of-form

Liverpool sent emails to their supporters advertising tickets for a fourth round tie against Burnley before they had replayed their third round tie against Reading. The email was sent out at 5pm on Wednesday, just hours before the humiliating defeat against the Royals.

But the arrogant missive has now come back to haunt the club, with both Liverpool and Reading supporters furious about its content.

Reds fan Martin Jones, aged 51, said: “I didn’t read it until after the game. When I got on the computer and opened it up I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was bad enough to crash out of the cup but then for the club to try and sell me tickets for the next round was like a slap in the face.

“It’s not only embarrassing for the club, it’s disrespectful to Reading.”

And Reading supporter Jon Keen said: “It’s typical of the Big Four. The fact they viewed it as such a formality makes it doubly satisfying we knocked them out.”

Spotted on The Sun

  • englandsnumber6

    Scousers are the most arrogant fans in the world they think they have a right to win. Like the one who made sure he stood facing the west ham fans when they left their end of the millenium stadium, he must have run round the ground to stand laughing as thousands came out dejected, having just been robbed. Guess what happened next !!!

  • Todd

    Haha, serves them right.

  • David Byrne

    Not the worse email a Liverpool fan has received this week!

  • Mike

    It’s a hoax! Designed to make the club look bad I think.

  • JH

    @englandsnumber6 What right have you to say that Liverpool fans are arrogant? It is the marketing officers at the club who screwed up, and even Liverpool fans are shocked that they have made such a disrespect to Reading.

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