Ex-Benfica striker Mats Magnusson entertains crowd at Haiti charity match… by being fat

Posted by - January 27, 2010 - Football videos, Oddballs

Chubby former pro has forgotten how to play football

Former Benfica striker and Sweden international Mats Magnusson hung-up his boots in 1994 and it doesn’t look like he has played much football since then. Actually, it doesn’t look like he has left his sofa much since then.

Magnusson returned to action for the Benfica v Zidane XI charity match. The TV director new he was in for a treat from the moment Magnusson stood on the touchline in a skin-tight top showing off his man boobs and sizeable gut.

The hilarity didn’t stop there as Magnusson showed an unusual afflication whereby he crumples at the knees and falls in a heap whenever the ball is in a five-metre radius of him!

  • IvanSLB

    “Mats Magnusson entertains crowd at Haiti charity match… by being fat”

    the crowed was entertained due to the fact that Mats was a LEGEND and it was great to watch him play with a Benfica shirt on again.
    out of all the players, including Chalana, Sheu, Nene etc etc he got the biggest cheer! it show how much we love this guy. For 2 minutes the stadium erupted with joy and just chanted Mats Magnusson name!

    Forget about Larsson or ibrahimovic… Mats was way better then them.

  • http://www.offthepost.info Rob Parker

    I’m looking at the crowd behind him and I’m sticking with the fat theory!

  • Liz

    I’m tickled by the slow motion replay of him running at about .39-.40. The slow-mo, the running, the tight red outfit, the huge tits…it’s like Baywatch only my eyes hurt.

  • Fergie

    Rafa sign him up!


  • Ab

    Would be a good replacement for Garry Neville

  • FGFG