Francesco Totti kicks off a New Year row with Mauro Zarate

Posted by - January 4, 2010 - Italy, Oddballs

Serie A-ttitude

Roma veteran Franceso Totti has been busy proving you are never too old to get into a childish football spat by sparking a row with Lazio striker Mauro Zarate. Totti claimed the ex-Birmingham man was “not a champion.”

The Argentine fought fire with fire. He said: “Totti talks too much, but he forgets that he is already finished. I think he hasn’t scored in about 10 derbies.”

But Totti issued a special New Year message of supposed reconciliation to Zarate. He said: “Since we are in the Christmas season and we should all be better people, I send 240 well wishes to Zarate. In 2010, I hope to get more goals and assists to become a record goalscorer.

“I guess I must hurry, because I am a finished player…come to think of it, I was also finished at the beginning of 2009!”

The reference to 240 is the number of goals Totti has scored in his career. We await Zarate’s comeback!