Got a Liverpool season ticket?

Posted by - January 13, 2010 - FA Cup, Liverpool

Sound advice from the Coen Brothers

There goes the last hope of any decent silverware this season for Liverpool fans. It’s January. Is a whip-round for Rafa’s compensation package in order?

  • Dave Carsley

    “There goes the last hope of any silverware this season for Liverpool fans.” – Clearly forgotten that Liverpool are still in the Europa League.

  • Simon Shepherd

    No Dave he said decent silverware.

    The question the Liverpool board need to seriously ask themselves is,
    “is it worth selling Gerrard or Torres to buy out Benitez’s ridiculous contract that we signed him onto last year?”

    If he carries on with transfer nightmares like Ngog, Voronin, Kuyt, Babel, Lucas, Aquilani, Maxi, Dossena, etc etc then sooner or later that answer must be yes.

  • Nas

    I don’t mean to gloat at all, just wondering if someone like Roman comes around and buys out all Liverpool troubles would they still have so called tradition & History that NO other club seems to have?
    BTW, last season was Liverpool’s best season in years and they failed to win League title. I don’t think any realistic fan of the game would have any high hopes this year for LFC.

  • Facebook User

    I think Torres is very like Michael Owen in that he is good but frequently injured so should not be relied on to the extent that Rafa has been doing this season. it is crazy to build a team based around 2 players who are very often not fit anyway!

  • Joe

    Just a minor point…is Kuyt considered a transfer nightmare? For that matter Maxi Rodriguez hasn’t played a match yet so can he be considered one at this point? The rest of the names I agree with and I’d add Pellegrino and a few others.

  • Matthew Bailey

    Hate to be a partisan and yes, we’ve been absolutely shite this season, but…

    Ngog: Took a while to get going, but for £1.5mil he’s a great youngster. One of teh only ones to make the step up from the reserves.
    Voronin: Free. Sold for £1.8mil. Underperformed, but for that price…
    Kuyt: One of our best performers, built like a tank and goes all night long.
    Babel: Disappointing, but handled incredibly poorly by Rafa. Possibly bought by board (*coughs* Keane *coughs*)
    Lucas: Unfairly maligned, played out of position and yet still manages to do a job for us. He’s still only 23.
    Aquilani: He’s played less than five games! Adjusting to EPL, but he looks très classy.
    Maxi: HASN’T EVEN PLAYED YET. Don’t write him off before he even starts.
    Dossena: Wasn’t up to the EPL. Before that he was one of the most promising LB in Europe, but essentially only bought out of need when Riise wanted to move on.

    All things said, the article here is ROFFLECOPTER. Tanks!