How the FA could really get one over on frivilous Rio Ferdinand

Posted by - January 29, 2010 - Manchester City, Manchester United

Ban him again

1. Rio Ferdinand smacks someone in the face with his arm.

2. Rio Ferdinand banned for three matches.

3. Rio Ferdinand appeals against ban so he can face Manchester City in Carling Cup semi-final.

4. Rio Ferdinand smacks someone in the face with his arm.

5. Rio Ferdinand banned for extra match for frivolous appeal.

6. Rio Ferdinand banned for three more games?

(I’m kidding, of course. The two incidents aren’t really comparable, but if the FA did want to assert its authority…)

  • Mike Lock

    What the FA really should do is stop being so pathetic, it was never an elbow on Craig Fagan it was a backhand. Time to stop making a big deal out of nothing, its a mans game. I don’t think Fagan really cared, by the time the whistle had gone Hull were well and truly beaten and he’d received a clip round the ear for being an idiot.


    Mike Lock

    shut up you fucking fool. he backhanded fagan and it should of been a red card. he stuck his arm out on wednesday knowing full well tevez was on that side and tevez kopped one in the face. he is a thug end of and deserves his ban.

  • Nick Mason

    TSPOT… u mad?

  • steady1

    How the premier league works. Ferdinand strikes Fagan and causes no damage = 4 match ban. Gallas goes over the top on Davies and puts him out indefinitely = a fair challenge. Weird.

  • Neil

    The Craig Fagan one was definitely violent conduct, the Tevez one wasn’t even close!!!

  • Condor

    @steady1 Ferdinand’s action was premeditated. Unless Gallas has morphed into the new Roy Keane, I believe it was just a poorly executed tackle, I don’t think he meant to tear his foot off. Granted, he should of been carded (did he get a yellow for it? I can’t remember).

  • steady1

    I havent seen what Ferdinand did to Fagan so maybe the ref was right to say that it would have been red if he’d seen it. But it pisses me off when Gallas goes over the top in a reckless challenge but the FA say “the referee saw it and played on” (no card, not even a foul) therefore they cant punish him for it based on video evidence from other angles that the referee might use to change his mind.