Liverpool frolic in the snow at training

Posted by - January 5, 2010 - Liverpool, Oddballs

School’s closed and the Reds are up to no good

He may be the new kid on the block, but Alberto Aquilani is not going out of his way to make a good impression on his Liverpool team-mates. In fact, he definitely seems to have mischief in mind.

It seems that even in the cut-and-thrust world of Premier League football, today was a bit of a write-off because of the white stuff. That’s what Adrian Mutu used to say, anyway.

The question is: is reserve keeper Diego Cavalieri helping team-mate Sotiris Kyrgiakos to tuck in and keep warm, or is he shovelling ice down his neck?

And knowing that Fernando Torres is a pretty deadly marksman, we wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of this!

  • Fernando

    Hahahaha quality! You think Torres is aiming for Sebastien Bassong?!

  • http://google The great tosh

    Hahaha Kwality remember lads never pick up the yellow ones !

  • http://google The great tosh

    Choooo Chooooo

  • Paul

    Must be a hard life earning £50K + to play in the snow!

  • footieanalyst

    We better snowball those spurmers!

  • shaun

    i hope he hit benitez with that snowball!!! god i hate benitez so much. Hes the liverpool fc destroyer. we will never win the league with him there

  • Paul

    With the money the club makes, I’ve always wondered why they don’t have an indoor training pitch?

    Anyway, they seem to be having fun, well most of ’em. Good to see Berti getting into the spirit of things.

    I hope Shaun got hit with the snowball. When Benitez brings us our next piece of silverware, I’m really going to begrudge having to celebrate it with all the numpties who have been criticising our manager, certain players, tactics etc. They don’t deserve to be part of the LFC family.

    FYI We haven’t won the league in almost 20years, I guess that’s Rafa’s fault as well. In fact, Rafa has taken us nearer than anyone since the King. He brought us Istanbul, an FA cup and the most successful team in Europe over the last 5 seasons (prior to this one). One shaky season shouldn’t mean his vilification.

  • sam

    the last pic is hilarious with the injury compensation advert underneath it

  • Pep

    Most successful team in Europe in the past 5 years???

    Don’t Barca’s 2 CL wins count then?

    IRWT, good luck idiot.

  • Tommy

    He meant that we (Liverpool) have been the top ranked team in Europe the last 5 years (before this season), according to UEFA

    Barca have been the most successful, but Liverpool have been more stabile in their performances in Europe. Think a bit before you write next time, Pep, it is actualy allowed. I have checked it for you. 😉

  • gk

    stop stuffing around and get back to training…….the performance vs reading was a disgrace…..some will say utd got beat by lower oppoaition but they couldve scored 5 vs leeds.we barely created a chance.

  • Lfc4life

    Well said paul mate!

  • Pep

    ‘Think a bit before you write next time’

    Don’t patronize me you dick, he said ‘the most successful team in Europe over the last 5 seasons’, that’s clearly wrong, Barca winning the CL twice is far more successful than any other team including Liverpool whatever way you look at it, do you understand what success means you idiot.


    Do you understand?

  • Mikey

    There are some idiots here. Shaun is clearly an idiot. Pep, check the posts before you start spouting off – Tommy ACTUALLY said Liverpool were the top RANKED team NOT the most successful. It does help to check.

    Also consider, Rafa has had LESS money (when sales are taken into account) since the two american comedians arrived. That is LESS money than before and he still has to try and keep up with Utd and Chelski.

    And who is bothered that we drew at Reading. Crikey I remember many cup draws against lower league opposition during the 80’s. Think people, think. You really want Klinsmann or Martin O’Neill (Houllier mark 2)?????

  • Greg

    Pep, you Manc twat.

  • Pep

    Mikey, why dont you open you eyes and actually read the post I was originally referring to, Paul said

    “the most successful team in Europe over the last 5 seasons (prior to this one).”

    To which I replied Barca winning 2 CL is more successful, to which mind reader Tommy told me that Mikey was actually referring to UEFA’s ranking system which was never mentioned at all. So why don’t you stop being a patronizing prick aswell and read.

    And as for the whole ‘Rafa has less money’ nonsense, I’m sure everyone is aware of this site

    and before you scousers start moaning about the Ronaldo money (which is irrelevant anyway) United still have better Net spending than Liverpool (which takes into account sales Mikey)

    That’s my rant over, sorry, it’s just difficult when youre trying to talk to mind readers who forget to mention success doesnt actually mean winning things.

  • Greg

    Oh Pep, Did us scousers mention we’ve won 5 European Cups and are still the most successful team in the country?

  • Matthew Bailey

    If I had a penny for every cunt who thought they were inventing the wheel by posting that transferleague site, I’d have enough to send them back to school to learn about cherry-picking and the ethics of isolating results without acknowledgment of the wider implications of their research.

    In other news, for those of you complaining that players earn too much and spend too much time fucking about:

  • Pep

    Well done, I support Bournemouth.

  • stop it


  • ynwa

    Bournemouth. i dont think your even allowed to comment haha.

  • http://google The great tosh

    You can tell peps a manc, because they alway use a manc wrote article as proof of spending hahha it’s farcical

    Choooooo Choooooo

  • http://google The great tosh


    “and before you scousers start moaning about the Ronaldo money (which is irrelevant anyway) United still have better Net spending than Liverpool (which takes into account sales Mikey)”

    Wish we had spent as much money on our team as mufc did, before Rafa came in 2005. we built from scratch,your team was established.

    Fergy so poor in the transfer market, is the reason you are in 700 Mill of debt that and buying your cups.

    Lets see how the old coger does with out a cheque book for once, and i will be proved right, what i have always thought, and thats you have bought the leagues all these EPL years sinse 1992, and Ferguson is not as good as what he is made out to be. and thats a FACT.

  • http://google The great tosh


  • FatSpanishWaiter

    Liverpool sure loves it out in the cold – it’s what life outside the top four is like, and they sure look like they’re enjoying themselves! Muahahahahahahahahahahahaha!