Match magazine’s Togo balls-up

Posted by - January 18, 2010 - International, Oddballs

Footy weekly’s obsession with death comes back to bite it

The image above is a screenshot of Match magazine’s website. As you can see, it make innocent but unfortunately frequent references to Togo being in the group of death at the African Cup of Nations. (If you don’t know why they are unfortunate: 1) where have you been? 2) click here).

Anyway, the beauty of the internet is that all those inadvertent mentions of death can be removed with the click of a button. The magazine’s print edition was not so fortunate. Steve Anglesey’s always entertaining 3pm column reveals that the mag failed in a desperate bid to scrap its print run of 150,000 copies.

Steve reports: “Their Cup preview with striker Emmanuel Adebayor contains the following question: ‘Do you agree that Togo are in the group of death?’”