Nouveau cliche: “A free-kick in David Beckham territory.”

Posted by - January 7, 2010 - Nouveau cliche

Becks has quite a lot of territory

To celebrate David Beckham’s return from blackhole MLS, we are continuing our Nouveau cliche feature with a suggestion from OTP reader Dave Macbeth. His most irritating new football cliche is ‘David Beckham territory’.

As far as he can tell, the average commentator believes Beckham territory (also known as the Federal State of Beckham) stretches from the opposition goal-line to somewhere near the halfway line, and from touchline to touchline.

Dave said: “Any England free kick within 40 yards of goal is always classed as ‘David Beckham territory.’ Give it a rest!”

This cliche even has its own entry on the Urban Dictionary!

If you’ve got a favourite nouveau cliche, let us know.