Roberto Mancini – fan photographer (now updated with hilarious video)

Posted by - January 31, 2010 - Manchester City, Manchester United, Oddballs

Man City boss works on his shooting

The splendid photo above is the handiwork of one Roberto Mancini. The two cheeky scamps in the scarves called Mancini over to pose for a photo, only to thrust the camera in his direction and urge him to get to work. To his credit, Mancini duly obliged.

The chaps in the photo (we are not sure if they are Manchester locals doing their best to dispel stereotypes or southerners trying to seamlessly blend into their surroundings) are the brothers of OTP reader Rob Flood.

See the footage of Mancini taking the photo after the jump.

And the Flood brothers weren’t the only Manchester United fans having a laugh at Roberto’s expense.

Video spotted on 101GG

  • Jonny Boy

    I’ve seen the fella in the flat cap around locally, I think he’s a mill owner, as for the other one, I think he’s a mine worker, you can tell by the look on his face it’s been a while since he’s seen daylight ……

  • Facebook User

    Guy on the left is actually taking a photo, so if this was Mancini taking a photo of them, the guy on the left’s camera would have a photo of Mancini taking the photo..

  • Mindy

    They look like they were having fun at least.

  • Neil

    ya if you look behind them, there’s several united fans looking in that direction and laughing, as well as a few taking photos.

  • tomboz

    Saw this happen on itv. could not stop laughing.

  • João
  • Matthew Bailey

    I’d assume, given the Newton Heath scarves, they’re locals. No southerner would ever give *that* much of a shit about a northern club… Right, kids?

  • Austin

    This is great stuff. I really like this video. Roberto Mancini is a class act and is moving up in my book. After his team had a scintalating game with rivals Manchester United he still has the class to take a picture of two fans. This is the type of things that make football great. Since football is such a world reknown sport and something that even strangers can find time to talk about these things make it so wonderful. When do you see a top class manager stop on the sidelines when he is walking off and stop and take a picture? All I can say is this video and story is classic. This is the side of football that should get more press and not about the silly rumors. I say we all cheers Mancini for he’s a jolly good fellow.